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STERiZAR is an alcohol free advanced multi surface cleaner and sanitiser that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most
powerful germ-killing products available today. This groundbreaking cleaner is effective within 30 seconds, kills 99.9999% of bacteria and destroys all tested viruses (eg: Coronavirus + Norovirus) yet contains no irritants within its formulation. Selected cationic Biocides gives STERiZAR the effectiveness to destroy bacteria yet remain harmless to the environment.
Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology STERiZAR forms a long lasting barrier onto surfaces that continues to work for up to 30 days after the initial application. Tested BS EN 13697. The STERiZAR range of products is widely considered to be the complete infection control package yet still being safe for the environment and individual.

Fighting COVID-19 sustainably. We strongly believe that one can create a fun and safe experience for guests and staff whilst still adhering to the strictest environmental cleaning controls. As this has become more and more important for major venues and councils, we have spent a great deal of time to find the most ecological products that will still take the fight to COVID-19. We use eco friendly companies that have a focus on sustainability, recycling, environmental impact and avoiding animal cruelty. STERiZARs product range is clinically proven to not be harmful to humans or animals and it is non-corrosive. it is also Halal and have no alcohol or bleach in them. All products come in completely recyclable containers and are safe for use around food and beverage.

STERiZAR combines a physical effect with a chemical control, provided by selected biocides. The physical properties interfere with the formation of a biofilm substantially reducing the micro organisms ability to reproduce.
Unable to reproduce the ‘age’ of the colony increases as does its vulnerability to chemical controls magnifying the biocides efficiency.

Fogging Technology

We provide you with the machines, fluid and expertise that enables you to bring decontamination fogging in house. This allows you to fog regularly in a cost effective way, whilst saving you and your team time on your cleaning regimeDecontamination fogging is the easiest and most effective way to decontaminate large, regularly used spaces thoroughly and quickly.

1. Fogging machines work by atomising a liquid and creating a ‘fog’ of microscopic particles of that liquid. We use high quality machines that produce a dry fog that doesn’t damage electrical equipment.

2. This dispersal method ensures that every surface in the space – tight corners, undersides of tables, doors, seating, etc is decontaminated.

3. Combined with STERiZAR chemical technology, fogging creates an enduring protective shield on all surfaces. This shield actively kills off and destroys bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus, both in the first instance and throughout the week.

4. Staff or guests may re-enter the space within two hours (or sooner if you have good ventilation)..


Training & Supply

Best Practice | Best Product | Best Price

1. Selected staff will join one of our operatives for a training day on site. Staff will learn the science behind the process which will inform them how to operate the machines safely and efficiently.

2. Selected staff will fog an area of the space alongside our operative – a practical demonstration of how to correctly put on the PPE and how to fog an area in a thorough but fluid efficient way.

3. Staff and management will have the opportunity to pose questions to make sure they understand the training, timings and methods involved.

4. Your training day will include a full decontamination of your venue, giving you a point of absolute cleanliness that you are then able to top up and maintain.

5. MegaHertz will supply fogging machines to you. The number of machines required varies based on several factors: size, turn over time, staff available, building layout. We will sit down with you to discuss each space individually. We have tested many machines in the market and are able to supply the best to you at a below market rate.

6. Your team will be provided with our extensive documentation folder - 8-step best practice, risk assessments, health and safety, and decontamination certification allowing you to easily communicate your COVID security to your audience via our QR code information site, boosting confidence in your venue.

7. We will then supply you with our state of the art STERiZAR fogging fluid.

8. You will be looked after by one of our dedicated account managers, offering ongoing support after your training day. 

Cleaning Products

MegaHertz will supply and deliver STERiZAR fluid and cleaning products to your business at a better than market rate. All our products apply and reinforce the STERiZAR Active Barrier Technology. Our hand sanitisers are tested and proven to work for 6 hours, whist our hard surface cleaners are tested and proven to still decontaminate at 30 days. We save your business money whilst providing the best cleaning products.

Due to the large amount of cleaning products that we use across our multiple clients, we are able to find you the best prices on STERiZAR cleaning products that are proven to kill Coronavirus.

In high activity areas the Active Barrier Technology is going to be used and rubbed off more quickly than in laboratory conditions. We therefore encourage all of our clients to use STERiZAR as a part of their regular cleaning regime, continually reapplying and ‘topping up’ the Active Barrier and ensuring constant decontamination. When dovetailed with fogging, you can guarantee a level of cleanliness on all surfaces in your building.